Have Dumbbells, Will Train

Although it’s fun to use new and exciting training tools and implements, they aren’t necessary.  Too many people get caught up in the latest fads that they forget the basics and fundamentals of training.

How many of you have had one of these collect dust in your basement?

This will be the first of many videos and posts demonstrating that you can train very effectively will little to no equipment.

Dumbbells are the tool of choice today with two simple (not necessarily easy) complexes.  A complex is a great way to boost metabolism, burn fat, and improve your overall level of fitness.  Complexes are very efficient as well, using just one piece of equipment and requiring very little space.  Perfect for a busy gym when a lot of machines and/or equipment is occupied.

Grab a set of dumbbells and get to work.  Start conservative with a light set and gauge where you’re currently at before hoisting some heavy weight.  Always strive to use perfect form – this will help keep you injury free and ensure proper muscle recruitment.

The first complex utilizes two combination lifts…a squat to press, which works both lower and upper body pushing muscles, and a renegade row, providing a core challenge while recruiting the upper body pulling muscles.

Our second complex is more of a “traditional” complex – 3-6 exercises performed consecutively for a specified number of repetitions.  In this case, each movement is performed once, in succession, and the whole sequence is repeated for desired reps.

I used a lighter set of dumbbells in this video as part of a dynamic warmup, but feel free to push the weight and use one of these complexes as your main workout if you’re short of time, or as a metabolic finisher to your normal strength workout.

There are really an endless number of complexes if you use a little creativity.  Just try to put the movements in an order that allows them to flow from one to the next.  Down the road I’ll include complexes that use other pieces of equipment, such as a barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, etc.

Work hard, have fun. Peace

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