Hey everyone, it’s been a long time I know, but I’m back.

I’ve got a lot of ideas to share and write about this fall/winter, and it sure is feeling like the season with the cold and snow flurries we’ve gotten here in Iowa.  (boo snow)

Today is going to be tidbits of wisdom, random thoughts, opinions, and otherwise ramblings on being better in the gym and in life.  A blog post by Smitty with the Diesel Crew inspired me.

And hopefully it will you, too.  (these are in no specific order and have no particular rhyme or reason)

1. Compound lifts/exercises trump isolation moves anyday

2. Can you do 20 push ups with good form? If not, quit bench pressing till you can.

3. Bored with your cardio? Hit a basketball court and run some suicides

4. If the NBA owners want to save money, I’m willing to play for the league minimum…

5. If you’re doing an exercise sitting down that you could do standing up, stand up

6. No budget for workout equipment? Squat, lunge, push up, pull up, and sprint

7. If you claim to be any sort of tough, don’t use a pad on the barbell when squatting

8. Play with a variety of toys. Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, ropes, etc.

9. Can you perform 10 chin ups? Then quit doing 20 sets of bicep curls cuz’ the last magazine you read said it’ll add half an inch to your arms

10. Quit reading muscle magazines.

11. Muscle magazine withdrawal? Elite FTS, Diesel Crew, T-nation, DeFranco’s, Training for Warriors, Underground Strength

12. Heavy weights and super high intensity workouts stress the nervous system. Don’t forget to rest and recover

13. Active recovery is better than passive recovery (i.e. get off your butt)

14. A short workout is better than no workout

15. Reality TV shows aren’t real. Sorry

16. I recently finished some housework I had put off, vacuumed my car, and organized my home office. And I swear to you, I sleep better at night

17. Speaking of sleep, keep your bedroom as dark, quiet, and free of electronics as possible. And go to bed earlier.

18. A handful of spinach in your fruit smoothie may not look appealing, but you can’t really taste it.

19. Some “organic” or “natural” foods do in fact cost more. But when you quit eating out so much, it pretty well evens out.  And you’re healthier to boot.

20. Rob Dyrdek is just flat out entertaining.

21. Sunshine does wonders for you mood. Get outside whenever possible.

22. Basketball (or any sport) for 60 minutes beats any cardio machine any day ever. Period. Have some fun.

23. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.

24. Kids need to play less video games. They’re creating weak, boring little people.

25. After you cut those carbs from your diet, eat more fats. No seriously.

26. Make your own trail mix, it’ll save you money. I like mixed nuts, raisins, sunflower nuts, and dark chocolate m&m’s.

27. Pack your lunch. Cheaper and healthier.

28. If you sit for work, get up and move/stretch/walk at least every hour.

29. A jump rope is about the most bang for your buck cardio equipment available today. See how many jumps you can complete in 5 minutes. Beat that number next time.

30. Train like an athlete. They usually look as good as they perform.

31. Drink 100 ounces of water, or more, daily.

32. Eat less stuff that comes packaged in a box.

33. Pull as much, if not more, than you push.

34. Sometimes you want to be alone, but appreciate the people surrounding you when you don’t.

35. Think of something you’re thankful for.

36. Proper weightlifting is no worse for kids than the tackle football and tumbling most of them do anyway.

37. DVR is worth it to fast forward through commercials.

39. Total body, fast-paced workouts are better for weight loss and general fitness.

40. Upper/lower splits are better for strength and size.

41. You really can’t out-train a bad diet.

42. Despite what some may have you believe, God is the only one with all the answers.

43. Sometimes you just need to work harder. Other times, you’re working too hard.

44. Even numbers are cooler than odd numbers.

45. Jordan stunk at baseball, but you’re a fool if you can’t appreciate him giving it a shot.

46. Sprinting is an awesome metabolism booster. Just be sure to warm up thoroughly.

47. On the topic of sprinting, Usain Bolt is just flat out entertaining.

48. Methods are many, principles are few. Methods often change, principles never do.

49. Read more.

50. Goals are crap without action steps. What you do on a daily basis will determine where you’re going.

I’ll stop at 50.  If even just a couple got your attention, then I’m happy.  Got your own knowledge bomb to drop? Please share!

Make today better than yesterday.

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