Secret to Success!

Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying the warm midwest weather while it lasts.  I know it was refreshing to get out for a nice bike ride this week with the sun shining and fresh air.

Staying active with a variety of exercise is a great way to keep your training fresh and prevent burnout of a particular exercise/workout.

We’ll get right to it today.  The secret to achieving your dream body, goal weight, or athletic dominance is easy…

What is it?



Ok, get over your disappointment.  Not really a big secret there, I know.  But, how many people actually put their full effort into achieving a goal – especially one related to health and fitness?

How many people are willing to shed the blood, sweat, and tears that everyone talks about? 

We need to quit talking about all of our grand goals and resolutions and start being about them.

Want to lose weight?  Then make smarter food choices and exercise – doesn’t have to be a lot, but do something consistently.

Want to build muscle? Then start eating more of the healthy foods (especially protein) and begin a weight training program that focuses on big, compound movements in the 6-12 rep range.

Want to be all-conference or all-state? Make the commitment to being excellent.  Eat smart everyday.  Follow a balanced strength/speed program with your goals in mind.  Spend the extra time perfecting your skills outside of team practices

A lot of people talk about wanting to be great (at any given endeavor) but aren’t willing to invest the time and effort required of greatness.

It’s a funny thing, even when we don’t feel like putting in the hard work – if we would just start/act, the feelings come around.  Get up and to the gym when you’re a little tired, and after you get going you feel great.  Start that big school project even though it seems daunting, and your momentum peaks up steam until you’ve knocked it out in no time.

Act your way into feeling.

Not my idea.  I’ve read this from many authors.  But so true.

Check out these kids putting in the hard work during a recent lower body training day.

Strength training isn’t limited to the weightroom, as these guys are proving. 

“Methods are many, principles are few…”

Work hard. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Some secret.


“live like no one else, so later, you can live like no one else”

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