Warm Up! (video)

Hey all!  Sorry for the delay, but I think I’m getting this video editing stuff down:)

As we’ve discussed, a proper warmup is critical to a great workout.  It will not only get the heart pumping, but increase our core body temperature and prepare our muscles/tendons for greater workloads.  All good things for a successful training session.

Warming up can also reduce our chance of injury.  Good for athletes and non-athletes alike. 

Below you’ll find video on the general and specific warmups we discussed in this article.

Watch.  Enjoy.  Modify to your needs.  Really cold out?  Been sitting behind a desk all day?  Perhaps add a few more reps or complete a second round of the movements to get the body primed and ready to go.

Let me know what you think!  Or have a question you want answered/exercise you want demonstrated?  Hit me up here! simeonlang@gmail.com

Have a great day! (and workout!)


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