Week in Review 11/15/13

Welcome back gang. Sorry this is getting out late this week.

In recent news, I banged my right knee up pretty good playing basketball last weekend. Still waiting on definitive answers and an MRI reading with the orthopedist…will keep you posted.

With that said, I’ll be modifying my training a good deal to stay off the leg as much as possible. To finish up a recent upper body training session I performed a couple sets of seated plate halos. I like these to build both strength and mobility in the shoulders.

Taking a look at mobility, many people suffer (quite possibly unknowingly) from tight hip flexors. Being seated for many hours a day is the main culprit. Tight hip flexors usually lends to one having the hips pulled forward (anterior pelvic tilt). This can manifest in lower back pain, “tight” hamstrings, and other potential pains/injuries from kinks in the kinetic chain. Elliott Hulse is a stud strength coach based in Florida, and dropped this gem of a video if you’re serious about getting your hips right.

On a lighter note I ran across this fun list of “life hacks” this week. I’ve seen many before, as you may have too, but enjoy:)

99 Life Hacks

Little bit shorter post this week, but hopefully some things you enjoy and can apply in your own training and life.

Have a great week!


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