Week in Review 11/22/13

Well to kick things off, a quick update on my recent injury.

I’ve torn both my ACL and meniscus.  Pain is gone and most of the swelling has subsided, but my knee is still rather stiff and lacking range of motion.

Doc’s recommendation is wait two to three weeks for all swelling to go away and regain as much ROM as possible.  So I may be laid up a bit for the holidays, but HEY! at least I’ll have plenty of calories to help my body recover Jack!

With that said, I’m doing my best to become “that guy” in the gym with a huge upper body and skinny, little chicken legs.  Here’s a little more of my modified training…

I think everyone should consider their health and how the choices they make on a regular basis will help or hurt them.  This article by Katie Chasey offers up 8 great ways to fuel your day, everyday.  I’m not sold on eating every “2-3” hours or limiting your red meat consumption to twice per week, but the message is great, and you’ll feel great when you implement these strategies.

8 Natural Ways to Fuel Your Energy

With diet as such a huge component of our overall health, and quite often the x-factor when it comes to shedding body fat, looking at macros (protein, fat, carbs) can be a lifesaver – or a ship wreck.

I would say nearly everyone could benefit from a higher protein diet, but just how much do you need?  This article looks into why dietary protein is vital when dropping weight and how much you really need.  My answer in a nutshell is grams=desired bodyweight (150 grams per day for an active person wanting to weigh about 150 lbs), but it goes much farther.  Take a look.

How Much Protein…by Armi Legge

Finally, let’s talk about your butt…and a few other things presented by Bret Contreras aka “the Glute Guy”.  These little “exercises”, when performed on a regular basis, will literally keep you younger, longer.  Check ’em out, and then take 5 minutes, get off your butt (pun intended), and try them out.

5 Things You Should Do Everyday

That’s it for this week.  Let me know what you want to see/read more of.

To close, I found a couple cool videos on YouTube this week of current pop songs being covered in really fun ways.  Enjoy…

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