Week in Review 11/8/13

Hey all.  Hope you’ve had a great week.

Little colder, little darker at night, but Hey, it’s all good Jack!

Getting right to it.  Probably my favorite article this week.  Making athletes better is what a true coach does.  They don’t follow gimmicks or fads.  They don’t try to make anyone throw up or crawl out of the gym because they “blasted” whatever “bodypart” they trained that day.

Never chase being tired.  Or sore.  Chase results.  Chase performance.  Chase health and feeling GOOD!  Mike Robertson, of Robertson Training Systems, offers this great piece on improving performance in any athlete he sees…

Guaranteed Improvement

This could be enough for the week if you learn from the wisdom he shares.  I have the same confidence that I can improve one’s performance if they only commit to laying a foundation of sound movement patterns and stability.

I know…it’s not sexy or trendy or maybe the “cool” thing to do when training.  But you know what is cool??  Winning and not being injured.

Let’s move on.  If you’ve trained with me on more than 2 or 3 occasions, you most likely know I like the deadbug exercise.  But I absolutely must keep learning, and even what seems like a “basic” exercise should be done correctly (so we should find out what, exactly, is correct).  Alas, Tony Gentilcore breaks down the deadbug and offers great cues.  Learn and apply.


Ok. So I admit that those two articles may be a bit more trainer-nerdy, and if you’re not super interested in the how’s and why’s of fitness, they may be a bit much.

So we’ll wrap up a short list of content with a gem from John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems.

Read this article.


Lose Fat for Free

There you go.

Keep learning. And keep applying what you learn.

Life is often an experiment, and too many people have settled. Try something new!

Have a great weekend.


p.s. It’s been a while, but we like to have fun. Sometimes doing stupid stuff. But we have more fun than you.

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