Week in Review 12/6/13

What it do, what it do y’all?

Hope everyone survived the gluttonous feast known as Thanksgiving.

And all that crazy shopping that follows…

Here’s a little motivation to kick off this week and month.  Great stuff from the Underground Strength Coach himself, Zach Even-Esh.  If it’s important to you…you’ll find a way.  Otherwise, you’ll find excuses.  You choose.

Bad Mother… Zach Even-Esh

Most people are pretty jacked up in one form or another.  And by that I mean our posture sucks and our day-to-day life isn’t helping one bit.  Here’s a few strategies on improving those joints that get messed up with poor poster (via theptdc.com)

Primer on Posture by Shane Mclean

‘Tis the season for colds and flu, so get yourself prepared with a strong defense to illness.  Eric Bach of Bach Performance explains some great steps to avoiding getting sick this winter.  While all are great practices, more people need to get on #6.

7 Tip to Get Un-Sick by Eric Bach

Balls and bands and bells oh my…there are many tools we use in the gym, but don’t be fooled by all the different trends/fads that fly around the interwebz or late night TV.  I personally use balls and bands and bells…but as supplements to my training programs.  Again they’re tools: replaceable with others,  and used for different jobs.  Nothing beats a program of the basics – squat, bend, push, pull, carry, and brace.  Do those 6 things and you’ll be well on your way to kickin a** and takin names.

With that said, the stability ball has grown in popularity for it’s use in “unstable” training.  Supposedly a gift from the gods of core strength, unstable surface training has become a fad all of its own.  There is certainly a time and place for unstable training, but it’s not going to do wonders.  And you’ll always be stronger on a firm surface.  Don’t neglect strength.

Wrapping up our articles this week is a blog post by Tony Gentilcore of Cressey Performance.  Good read.

Unstable Surface Training by Tony Gentilcore

Have a great weekend!

To bid you farewell, two of the strongest dudes today.  Truly monsters among men.


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