Week in Review

I think Friday as good as any to catch up on some great reading and videos.

Check out some of these great gems from around the country.

Molly Galbraith, via Juggernaut Training Systems, brings a great article/video regarding proper warm ups.  If overall health, performance, and longevity are important to you, take 13 minutes and check this out.

Kick A$$ Warm Up

If you simply need a swift kick in the pants…regarding any area of your life…check out this blog post by the Underground Coach himself, Zach Even-Esh.

Warriors/Follow Through

Say you’re already in decent shape…and you like kettlebells…and you’re a bit insane…try this little 4-5 week program from my favorite coach/author Dan John.

10,000 Swings and Counting

An article directed at “twenty-somethings”, but some good know-how and advice for anyone.  Check out this list of 20 things every adult should know, and assess where you’re at.

20 Things…

Simply because he’s awesome…

Rock n Roll.

Have a great weekend.

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