Monday Motivation 2/3/14

Hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy during this up and down winter.

January just flew by.

Seattle made Denver look like a JV squad during Super Bowl 48. Yuck.

I’m 7 weeks post ACL reconstruction and doing well.  Walking, Biking, and (ever so slowly) jogging as of last week.  But progress is being made.

Two things today.

1) Read this.

The 3 P’s of Peak Performance

2) Watch this.

You may have very well seen this clip circulating the web this past couple months.  It’s so good.

We can talk about resolutions with the new year underway, but let’s get away from the connotation of resolutions.

Let’s talk about change.



You get out of life what you put into it.

What are you feeding your own body, mind, and spirit?

What are you feeding other’s bodies, minds, and spirits?

Remember we’re all made to be different.  We all have special and unique talents.  We’re not supposed to be the same.  Life isn’t meant to be fair across the board.

Embrace the differences in people.

Use your gifts for productivity.

Ask others for help when you need their gifts and talents.

Stronger every day.  Stronger every way.


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