Upper Body W.O.W. 5/28/14

Hope everyone enjoyed a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Getting back into the swing of things, we’re going to hit the upper body with this workout.

Circuit A is all about pushing – chest, shoulders, and triceps.

A1) Dive Bomber Push Up x8-12

A2) DB Rollbacks (Tricep’s) x8-12

A3) Alt. DB Military x8-12 each

Reast 60-90 sec., repeat 3-5x

Circuit B then addresses pulling – back and biceps

B1) Inverted Bridge/Row Combo x10-15

B2) Pull Ups (breathing ladder) x4-8

Rest 60-90 sec., repeat 3-5x

Breathing ladders consist of doing 1 rep, taking 1 breath, 2 reps, 2 breaths, 3 reps…and so on until you can no longer keep good technique or fail to perform all the reps.

Please modify as necessary – use a band for the pull ups or substitute a cable pulldown.

The inverted rows may be performed standing with rings, TRX, etc. if your strength isn’t up to the inverted position yet. Β In this case, just cut out the hip bridge portion and keep the body in a straight line.

Have fun!


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