Lower W.O.W. 5/14/14

Let’s get those wheels tuned up with this mix of athletic, muscle-building moves that’ll get the heart rate pumping as well.

Strength AND conditioning.

This lower body workout starts off with jumping rope to get the blood flowing and the nervous system cranked up a bit.  These are then superset with Cossack squats to address mobility throughout the lower body, especially the hips (think sit back when performing).

Two to three rounds of 25-50/5-10 should do the trick.  Listen to your body and perform more if you need it to get “loose”.

Hey, this warm up superset could be a stand alone conditioning workout if you want.  The possibilities…

Into the strength:

A1) Stability Ball Leg Curls with 1 Leg eccentrics (2 in/1 out) x5-10 each

A2) Goblet Squats (shown with dumbbell, we also use kettlebells) x8-12

2-4 rounds, resting 45-90 seconds between each

The 1 leg eccentric leg curls are a good challenge.  If you’re not ready for them, stick to the 2 leg version and increase your reps.  Keep the hips in good alignment throughout by keeping tension on the glutes.

Load up the goblet squats as your strength allows.  This is a good exercise to ramp up from set to set, adding weight with each round.

B) Burpee/Sumo Deadlift Combo x5-10

5-10 rounds, resting 30-60 seconds between each

Keep your technique dialed in on these – back flat and core strong.  This move requires us to work both mobility and strength through the hips.  Take your time not to rush through these and get sloppy.  A beginner could start with 5 sets of 5, while someone with good strength and aerobic fitness may push this one with sets of up to 10 and/or increase the volume by performing up to 10 sets. 10 sets of 10 will probably smoke most people.  I’m all for a good challenge, but don’t let your ego/drive take you into the realm of possibly hurting yourself through sloppy technique.

Have fun 😉


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