New Hope Sweepstakes Winners! (ft. TobyMac)

So…our little trip to Franklin, TN was pretty awesome.

Experiencing the school, New Hope Academy, in person was moving.

The children there are so precious, as were all the faculty and volunteers that invest their time, talents, and treasure into those young lives.

New Hope Academy will be a school we stand behind for life.  Both Samarah and I loved the experience, and only hope we can give even more in the future.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported this cause with us.  We so appreciate your willingness to sow into this young generation.

As promised, I’ve got some stuff to give away!

Without further ado…


(that ending was our behind the scenes edit lol)

I’ll be contacting winners tomorrow about getting them their swag.

Please be kind with the hair 😉

Again, many thanks for teaming up with us!

Very much appreciated.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.


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