Snowballs of Success

Success is often like a snowball.

But then again, so is failure.

Here’s what I mean…

When you form a snowball you collect a couple handfuls of snow.  This is akin to starting small – in any area of your life.  Pick something small (like a new habit or project) and work on it.  Form it the way you want it to look.  Just remember, this shouldn’t take long.  Get started with something small.

Get started.

Now if you choose you’d like to build a bigger snowball – perhaps a snowman is in your sights – work must continue.  You can roll that snowball (yup, physical labor is often involved) around in more snow, and sure enough it will begin to grow.

Will it pick up all of the snow you roll it across?  Nope.

Will it grow if you roll it around on some concrete or exposed grass?  Nope.

But you’re smarter than that.  You’ve got to add the right elements to that snowball in order for it to grow.

Let’s make the crossover from analogy to reality.

Forming your snowball can be any endeavor you so choose.  Our conversation is usually strength, health, fitness; I want you to succeed in these, but also in every area of your life!

START! Begin the process.  Start small – something very manageable.  Form it.  Mold it.  But don’t sit too long admiring your effort and progress.  Run with it.  Start building, slowly but surely.

As you get a taste of success and progress and personal growth, your appetite for such things will naturally increase.  This is one appetite I want you to gorge!!  Feed your new habits.  Feed your projects with time and effort.  Feed your relationships.  Grow your snowball.


This principle works both ways.  Success…and failure.

I would say that most people don’t set out to be failures.  Doesn’t sound sane, does it?

However, when we aren’t purposeful in our pursuits, the default hardwiring in our brain and/or society (deep, right?) will accept any “snow” that happens to be lying around.

We get a taste of TV…and grow to watch 3 hours per day.  (“I don’t have time to workout…” lol)

“But I record my shows, so I’m not wasting time with commercials.”  Keep telling yourself that.  I’ve been there.  I do the same.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I watch the Netflix on occasion.  And I believe if you’re going to watch something, commercial-free is the way to go!  But I digress…

We get a “taste” of processed, preservative-laden, convenience food…watch out, a storm’s coming.  (“I don’t have time to cook or eat healthy…” you’re cracking me up)

You get the idea.

Let’s gather our thoughts here and take charge on our day/week/year/life.

You may be travelling 100 mph through life…but what if you’re on the wrong road?  Doesn’t do you much good, does it?

What if you’re on the right road…but standing still?  Also, not much profit to you.

Form your snowball first.  Determine what it is you really want.  Seriously, take the time to assess where you are today and where you’d like to go.  Maps are no good unless you know where you currently are.

Start small.  Jim Rohn says the recipe for success is “a few, small disciplines, performed every day”.  What can you do today that lends itself toward your success?  Write these down, and do them.

When you’re at peace that you’re on the right road, keep moving.  Keep doing your “few, small disciplines” every day.  Begin to read, listen, and associate with others who have been where you want to go – who have accomplished what you wish to accomplish.

“Success leaves clues”

Let’s all begin to develop the mindset of “progress, every day”.  Note this doesn’t say “perfection, every day”.  That’s unrealistic and only sets up roadblocks, both in life and in our minds.  Todd Durkin says “1% better every day”. This 1% is manageable, and sustainable.  We’re quite the remarkable species in our ability to grow and expand – mind, body, and soul.

Let’s all move in the direction of success.  Health, wealth, and the people to enjoy both with.

Make some snowballs today 🙂

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