Upper Body W.O.W. 5/28/14

Hope everyone enjoyed a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Getting back into the swing of things, we’re going to hit the upper body with this workout.

Circuit A is all about pushing – chest, shoulders, and triceps.

A1) Dive Bomber Push Up x8-12

A2) DB Rollbacks (Tricep’s) x8-12

A3) Alt. DB Military x8-12 each

Reast 60-90 sec., repeat 3-5x

Circuit B then addresses pulling – back and biceps

B1) Inverted Bridge/Row Combo x10-15

B2) Pull Ups (breathing ladder) x4-8

Rest 60-90 sec., repeat 3-5x

Breathing ladders consist of doing 1 rep, taking 1 breath, 2 reps, 2 breaths, 3 reps…and so on until you can no longer keep good technique or fail to perform all the reps.

Please modify as necessary – use a band for the pull ups or substitute a cable pulldown.

The inverted rows may be performed standing with rings, TRX, etc. if your strength isn’t up to the inverted position yet.  In this case, just cut out the hip bridge portion and keep the body in a straight line.

Have fun!


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