Upper W.O.W. 5/13/14

This is a day late.  My apologies.

Hitting the upper body today, we’ll be using only a weight plate and dumbbells.

A simple warm up superset:

WU1) Plate Halos x6-10 each way

WU2) Bent Over Row x10-20

Repeat 2-3x

You may use any size weight plate, or move up in weight from set to set as you “ramp” up the intensity progressively.

The meat and potatoes

A1) DB Hammer Curl x8-12 each

A2) Deficit Push Up x10-20

Rest 45-90 sec. before repeating 2-4x

B) RDL/Row Combo x8-12

Rest 45-90 sec. before repeating 2-4x

If your goal is more strength based, work up to some heavier weights and stick to the lower end of reps for more sets.

If muscle is your goal, still challenge yourself with some decent weight but get some more reps/volume in.

Fat loss? Keep the tempo fast yet always under control, and limit your rest periods to keep the heart rate up.  You could also add in some jogging, jump rope, etc. during your rest periods.

Have fun!


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