W.O.W. 3/31/14

Workout of the Week from Lang Athletics

We’re starting a new series here with weekly workouts posted every Monday morning.

As we enter into April, we’ll be focusing on full-body resistance training.

This circuit uses bodyweight exercises only, and can be modified/progressed to suit your fitness levels.

This WOW consists of two circuits, A and B, with three exercises per circuit.

Move through the exercises in a controlled manner, but keep moving, as we want to elevate the heart rate and burn some calories!

A1) Hip Bridge x 8-12

A2) Push Up x 8-12

A3) Side Plank from Knees x 20-30 seconds

B1) BW Squat x 8-12

B2) Suspension Trainer Row x 8-12

B3) Front Plank x 20-30 seconds

Perform circuit A 2-4 times with about 60 seconds rest in between.  If you’re new to training begin with 2 rounds.  More advanced trainees can perform 3 or 4 rounds, and modify or progress the exercises as desired (KB goblet squats, push up from floor, etc.).  Repeat with circuit B.

Check out the exercises below…


Have an awesome week!


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