W.O.W. 4/21/14

Hope everyone enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL Easter Sunday we had yesterday.

At least it was beautiful here in the eye oh doubleyou eh (Iowa, to the layperson).

Workout of the Week keeps building with some new bodyweight exercises.

A1) Stability Ball (SB) 2-Way Bridge x6-10 each

A2) SB Walkout x6-10

Minimal rest, repeat circuit 2-4x

B1) Walking Lunge x6-10 each

B2) Single Arm BW Row x6-10 each

B3) Move the Mountain Plank x2-4 each

Minimal rest between exercises, 30-60 sec. between circuits, repeat 2-4x

You may always modify exercises as it fits your level of fitness.

  • SB 2-Way Bridge could be performed one leg at a time for stronger athletes
  • Hold dumbbells or other weights for walking lunges
  • Adjust body position/lean to change challenge of Single Arm BW Rows
  • Use 2.5, 5, or 10 lb plates for Move the Mountain Plank, use 3-5 plates

Have some fun with it for goodness sake!

Let’s roll…

I’ll be in touch as my sister and I travel to Nashville to run with TobyMac and the Powered by Hope Team in the Country Music (mini) Marathon.  Thank you so much for helping in our fundraising efforts!  While my sweepstakes ended at midnight last night, you may still donate and support New Hope Academy for a while longer.  Getting in some fitness while helping a great cause…doesn’t get much better!

Wishing you a STRONG week!


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