W.O.W. 4/28/14

Our 5th and final beginner circuit is up and ready!

A1) Stability Ball Quadruple Threat x6-10 each

A2) Stability Ball Walkout x8-12

Minimal rest, repeat superset 2-4x

Challenge yourself by getting out farther on the walkouts than before.

B1) Reverse Lunge w/ Kick x6-10 each

B2) Inverted Row Bridge/Row Combo x6-10

B3) Elevated Plank x30-45 seconds

Minimal rest between exercises, 30-60 seconds between circuits.

Repeat 2-4x

Load the lunges with dumbells, kettlebells, etc.

Hold the plank for shorter or longer as your strength allows. Do NOT let the lower back “sag” or arch excessively.

Have an awesome week!


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