W.O.W. 4/7/14

Good morning everyone!

Workout of the Week brought to you by Lang Athletics.

Continuing with April’s full-body resistance training programs, each week will mimic the previous but with new exercise progressions.

Always feel free to modify exercises to fit your level of fitness.

Some will need to move more slowly, while others may ramp up the intensity and difficulty.

Listen to your body.

Two circuits are utilized, A and B, with each circuit consisting of three exercises.

Move through each exercise with good form and minimal rest.

Grab some water and a short rest before repeating each circuit 2-4 times.

Complete all rounds of circuit A before moving on to circuit B.

If super time crunched, you could turn any of these workout into a giant set…performing every exercise back to back for 2 or 3 rounds.

Or set a timer (like the GymBoss we frequently use) for 20-40 seconds, and perform as many reps as possible in the allotted time before taking a short break or moving directly onto the next exercise.

We want to give you options.


Make this week your very own!


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