W.O.W. 5/5/14

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

This month we’re taking our workouts in a different direction.

We’ll be releasing two new workouts each week.  One with an upper body emphasis – the other with a lower body emphasis.

Today we’ve got an upper body workout.

But first, let’s take a look at a quick full body warm up.

This “Jack Series” warm up only take about 3 minutes, and gets the blood flowing while moving the joints through a full range of motion.

This week’s upper body workout is designed to get the “pump” going and build some muscle.

Don’t worry ladies, you’re not going to look like Arnold after these training sessions.

Building muscle will help us burn more calories on a daily basis and give us nice, defined muscles when we’re keeping our diet in check.

A) Pull Up/Push Up Ladder

“Climb” the ladder by performing 1 pull up then 2 push ups, 2 and 4, 3 and 6, etc.

Shoot for 5 or more pull ups and thus 10 or more push ups.

Modify as necessary: pulldowns, band assist pull ups, push ups on a bar, etc.

Rest 1 to 2 minutes after your ladder, and repeat as desired; 1-3x

B1) Triceps Extension (shown with band) x10-20

B2) Inverted Row (drop set) x5-10 each

We’re going for some reps here, so don’t be afraid to push the volume.

Modify as necessary: cable triceps, TRX bodyweight triceps, standing rows, etc.

Rest 45-90 seconds before repeating superset; 2-3x

Weather is looking beautiful this week. Make it an awesome one!


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