W.O.W. 7/14/14

Get the balls out, we’re working on stability this week.

Jumping back into our weekly workouts, this routine uses only bodyweight movements.

I like to use this routine with anyone young and old.  It’s a great way to develop relative strength – controlling your body through space.

The unstable nature of the stability ball isn’t going to get anyone super strong, but it will recruit a great deal of motor units to control the exercises and help strengthen joints/prevent injuries.

I often use this routine as a warm-up or finisher, or all by itself on an easy/recovery day.

Falling Push Ups



Pike Pass Sit Ups (keep back flat)

Quadruple Threat


I recommend anywhere from 5-20 reps as your strength/fitness level allows.  This circuit can be performed 1-5 times through depending on your goals.

Warm-up or finisher: 1-2 rounds, moderate reps

Stand Alone full body burner: 3-5 rounds, higher reps


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