W.O.W. part 2 5/6/14

Following up on yesterday’s Workout of the Week, today we’re bringing you a lower body workout.

Efficiency is the name of the game, and in only 4 moves we’ll cover pretty much every muscle in the lower body and core, while improving strength and endurance.

A1) Stability Ball (SB) Leg Curl x10-15

A2) Deficit Lunge x5-10 each

Add resistance to the lunges as desired. If your strength is pretty high, bump the reps on the leg curls.

Rest 45-90 seconds before repeating superset 3-5x

B1) Jump Rope x25-50

B2) Plank x5-15 breaths

Here comes the cardio and core strength/endurance. Keep the abs and glutes tight throughout the plank…this is an active “recovery” move. Breath steadily and try to stay relaxed while maintaining strict form.

Rest 0-45 seconds before repeating superset 5-10x

Don’t forget to warm up.

The 3 minute, full body warm up we introduced yesterday is as follows.

These upper and lower body workouts can be alternated between throughout your week.

Someone training more consistently may perform:

Monday: upper

Tuesday: lower

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: upper

Friday lower

A three day split can still alternate the workouts over two weeks:

Monday: upper

Wednesday: lower

Friday: upper

Monday: lower

Wednesday: upper

Friday: lower

Make these work for you. No one has to follow the same routine/schedule, and life certainly gets in the way sometimes.  Prioritize your time and make it happen.

Short on time? Want the full body blast of circuit training?

Perform one of each upper body superset followed by one of each lower body superset.

OR perform upper body A, lower body A, upper body B, lower body B.

Repeat 2-4 rounds and boom, you should be toast.

Have fun. Work hard. Live your life to the fullest.


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