Week in Review 4/11/14

Chances are you’ll be checking this out as I’m in Louisville attending a conference this weekend.

Gotta get out and grow yourself.

Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone to reach new levels of success, regardless of the area of life it’s in.

Challenge yourself. Change yourself.

Let’s get to it.

If you watch just one video, check out this clip from Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness radio.

Success is NOT perfection

Core Training TRUTH

Joe DeFranco is one of the best strength coaches in the world.

A great example of strength training for core strength is off-balance loading in the big lifts.  Tony Gentilcore demonstrates a great one here.

Let’s take a deeper look into squatting.

Elliot Hulse discusses his approach to preparation for full range squatting.

Stretching isn’t the most glamorous part of fitness and strength training, but when you want to get serious you have to mind the details.

Stretch into Squats

Decide where you’re going, and get started.

Have a fantastic weekend!





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