Week in Review 4/4/14

Spring might be playing a cruel joke with this fresh snow, but that’s no excuse to get bent out of shape!

Life is ultimately what you make of it.  It’s a shame many people’s default “recipe” is 2 cups of complaining, 1.5 cups of conforming, 3 heaping tablespoons of “get through the day”, and only about half a teaspoon of ambition and action.

Love what Jim Rohn says (I kinda listen to him a lot):

“Don’t think about getting through the day.  Think about what you can get from the day.”

Here’s a few videos we’ve found cool.

Hopefully you get something from them.

Strong Ladies/Lower Body Training


-Focus on big, compound exercises

-Great technique

-Training for strength is great for general fitness, weight loss, and looking good!

Athletic Development/Speed Training

“Anything will help you get faster if you’re slow.  Anything will help you get stronger if you’re weak.”  Chad Smith

Motivation/Bodyweight & Strength

Just watch.  Don’t compare yourself, because we’ll all be put to shame.

Have a great weekend!




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