Workout Wednesday 12/10/14

All even numbers…good day 🙂

I like to create full body workouts that can be tailored to just about any fitness level.

If you’re stronger…use more weight.

No, but seriously
No, but seriously

Little out of shape? Take more rest between rounds.

Don’t compromise form at any time.

This week’s workout

Call it a “countdown complex”, this circuit is to be performed unilateraly – one arm or leg at a time.

A1) DB Snatch

A2) Alternating Lunge

A3) One Arm Bent-Over Row

10 each – 8 each – 6 each – 4 each – 2 each

Perform a plank for 10 breaths after each round

The video shows the round of 4 reps (4 lunges total, 2 each leg)

Perform 10 reps of each exercise with the DB in one hand, then repeat with the other hand.  10 breath plank.  Perform 8 reps of each exercise on one hand, then the other.  10 breath plank. etc., etc.

Power, strength, and endurance are all worked in this one.

Shouldn’t take any more than 20-30 minutes.

Get in. Get it done. Get on with your day.


Live. Love. Lift.

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