Absolutely FREE Fitness Tips


Everyone has them.

Some even sound reasonable.


Quit making them.  It may take some time to discern what’s a valid reason for doing/not doing something, but take that time and learn about yourself and your true capabilities.

One excuse that won’t fly for not getting fit is not have the money.

Let’s look at FREE ways to improve your health each and every day.


  1. Drink Lots of Water
    • Water is pretty much free.  You can spend a small amount on a decent filter and improve things a bit over tap water.  Don’t let a lack of exotic, mineralized, alkalized, fresh spring water prevent you from doing this one.
    • Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces per day.  If you were a 200 lb man, you’d shoot for 100 ounces of water, and probably more if you’re active.
    • Start each day with a large glass, and then sip throughout the day.  A good tip I heard from Craig Ballantyne is to start your day with water and then drink another large glass before every meal.
  2. Eat Slowly
    • We’re not going to get into eating organic or Paleo or whatever other fad diet Dr. Oz is promoting this week.  (I strongly apologize for mentioning Dr. Oz.  I can’t stand the “health advice” portrayed on T.V.)  Just choose what you think are healthy options, and quit inhaling your meals!!!
    • Eating more slowly will promote eating fewer calories because you’ll feel full sooner and get a better sense of what full actually feels like.
    • I won’t say chew your food 50 times each bite, but chewing more thoroughly will improve digestion by breaking down your food.  Digestion starts in the mouth.
  3. Get Fresh Air
    • Don’t spend too much time inside.  And unless you live really downtown in a major city, don’t worry about polution and exhaust fumes.  Chances are you can find a park or bike trail or backyard to get a little sun (Vitamin D baby!) and fresh air.
  4. Stir the Waters (Exercise)
    • I stole the term “stir the waters” from Dr. Don Colbert.  He related our bodies to bodies of water.  Streams and rivers that flow and move are often more clear and free from decay and build up.  When we live a sedentary lifestyle, just call yourself the Dead Sea.
    • While I love the gym and pumping some iron, just walking, riding a bike and playing outside is enough to improve your overall health.  A small investment in a gym or home weight set will be necessary to pack on a bunch of muscle, but don’t underestimate the power of calisthenics and bodyweight exercises.
  5. Sleep
    • It’s been said by many people in many ways, but my middle school science teacher and cross country coach taught us, “It’s the sleep you get before midnight that really counts.”
    • Getting ample rest is vital to peak performance as well as maintaining a healthy metabolism and weight.  Sleep deprivation can slow your daily calorie burn, increase your appetite and likeliness to binge on junk, and decrease your energy and performance.  Early to bed, early to rise…or something like that.
  6. Plan/Journal
    • Plan your workouts and time for exercise in advance.  You’ll be much more likely to keep the appointment.
    • Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time.  A good plan will trump your will power at the end of a long day or week.
    • Keep track of everything you eat and drink for at least one month.  You’ll learn a great deal about yourself as you review these logs.  Don’t limit your tracking to just food either.  Weight or bodyfat, energy levels, stresses of everyday life.  If you never look back at the details, you’ll probably always wonder what happened and why.

It’s the sleep you get before midnight that really counts. -Mr. Stein

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but certainly a place to start.

Many times we take for granted the free things in life because they’re not too glamorous or exciting.

Most successful people have often put in years of steady, hard work before becoming the “overnight success” the outside world sees.

You most certainly can improve your health and fitness, IF you make the decision to do so.

Yours in health.



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