Best Holiday Workout?

Hey gang!

10 days and counting…are you ready for Christmas?

Ready or not, it’s about time (the most wonderful) and the end of the year is quickly approaching.

Recently we discussed a better way to approach new habits and hopefully get away from the old, outdated “resolution for a month” that plagues so many come January.

With that said, many people want to aggressively attack their fitness (read: weight loss) with their new year’s resolutions.

The best way to do so?

new years resolution start date
Don’t wait til Jan 1!

Don’t put on 10 lbs during the holidays!

But seriously, let’s beat it to the punch.  Get to the gym NOW, and as often as you can this month.

Make that new habit NOW.

Here I explain a bit on how to maximize our time in the gym around the holidays.

We’ll have a great example workout for you in the next couple days.


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