Minimalist Workouts On The Go

Happy Monday!

Everyday can be a great day, so don’t dread it just because a “new week” has started.

"1% Better Everyday" Todd Durkin
“1% Better Everyday” Todd Durkin

Recently I enjoyed some time visiting family out of town, and had the opportunity to get a quick workout in at the local college.

My sister was nice enough to film this 4-exercise circuit.

If you’re on the road with a minimally equipped gym (i.e. hotels) or just looking for a simple workout idea when time is at a premium, grab an implement (in this case a dumbbell) and get to work.

I completed three rounds then finished with a little core work.  Short and sweet!

Warm Up: 5 minutes Concept 2 rower

A1) Single Leg RDL

A2) DB Snatch

A3) Single Arm Thruster (Squat to Press)

*repeat on opposite side

A4) Pull Ups (or Row variation)

Cool Down: core/mobility work

Live. Love. Lift.

Have a great week 🙂


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