Monday Musings 12/28/15

It’s a wintery blur here in the midwest this morning.

No signs of letting up anytime soon either.

Good day to lift some weights then stay in and watch movies and read books 🙂

Few thoughts for you as you mosey through this Monday…

Music makes the world go round, or something like that.  It certainly can elevate the spirit and push you through a tough workout. Heavy beats and fast tempos are the norm in most gyms, but sometimes it can be tough to find music that isn’t vulgar or negative in the mainstream.

I’m personally fond of rap…and thus have had trouble finding some good tunes that are public gym friendly and still get me pumped up. Enter Derek Minor (turn up your speakers)

Two thousand sixteen is right around the corner, and with it will come many a New Year’s resolution. I’m determined to set better goals (don’t care so much for the term resolution) and help others do the same this coming year.

One common goal is often fitness and nutrition related. Eating better, especially after the holiday season of feasting and snacks, is a great step to take in improving your overall health and fitness. Enter this epic rant on nutrition and fitness in general (about 12 minutes, but totally worth it to jump start a better and healthier you)

Finally, I’ve been quite transparent that I enjoy reading and believe everyone would be better off if they incorporated the habit of reading in their own life. If I had to recommend one book to kick off your own path to reading and self-development, it would be The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. (click the link or pic to pick this one up on Amazon)

Jim Rohn often said that the time to take action is when the emotion is strong and still burning. Do NOT delay, for then you lie prey to the law of diminishing intent. If you’re motivated to begin a reading habit – pick up the book above and start with a chapter a day, every day. Need to get moving and jump start your exercise/fitness? Email me pronto or connect with us on Facebook and schedule a meeting! If it’s diet and better nutrition – throw out the leftover Christmas cookies immediately, and begin keeping a food journal.

Small or large, choose just ONE thing and do it.


Live. Love. Lift.


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