Torch the Holiday Treats (workout included)

Hey hey everybody!

Following up on our discussion regarding holiday training, we’re back today with a great full-body workout.

This was a 4 exercise circuit Heather performed in the gym recently.

All the major muscle groups are covered and a huge metabolic boost is created.

Keep that in mind when you hit the gym with weight loss in mind.

Hit as many muscles as possible and don’t be afraid to push yourself!

Heather hit this circuit with slow, controlled reps…a little secret tool in our arsenal of training killers haha

Give it a shot next time you’re in the gym, and get your burn on!

Here’s the rundown of the circuit used…

  • Cable Face Pull (12 reps)
  • Bulgarian Lunge (8 reps each leg)
  • KB Overhead Press (8 reps each arm)
  • Slider Leg Curl (12 reps)

Repeat circuit 3-5 times as desired, resting minimally in between exercises, and 2-3 minutes between rounds.


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