6/20/16 Grow Up a Little

How about that NBA Finals series!?

Ok, I’m a big basketball fan.  So perhaps my enthusiasm for a 7-game series to cap off the year is a bit more than the average sports fan.

But oh my gosh, what a battle between two tremendous teams!

I’ll admit, I’m happy for Lebron and the rest of the Cleveland squad.  He’s the best player on the planet (yes, yes he is) and although Golden State is arguably the best team…the trophy is heading to the ‘Land.

Fifty-two years without a major sports title…the streak/curse has come to an end.

Today we’re back at it, going hard in the gym and clean in the kitchen.

Had a great weekend with baseball games, family, and basketball, but a few too many sweets to go along with it.

Remember, living the strong life – the healthy life – affords us some wiggle room for weekends like this.  It’s not an excuse to divulge your appetite every weekend or when someone cries out, “here, have an oreo.”  But it does allow for a few splurges throughout the year that don’t have to send us into an all-out tailspin.


I mentioned eating clean in the kitchen this week.  This is an area most adults know WHAT they should be doing, but actually DOING it is another story altogether.

Avoid the sweets and junk food most of the time.

Eat more fruits and veggies on a daily basis.

Get some protein at each meal to fuel the body and metabolism.

Drink primarily water, with the occasional coffee/tea/soda.

But the thing is, we don’t like to act like adults when it comes to eating.

We’ve “afforded” ourselves the Maturity to make our own decisions, and we choose not to eat the healthy stuff.

Convenience and flavor trump health and vitality.

Grow up a little bit, and think about the big picture.  Hunger can certainly be a b****, but you’re an adult.  Take some responsibility and eat to fuel a healthy existence.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you.


Last week, Heather and I were discussing the importance of getting in the gym (or really anywhere, as she proves in the parking lot of Kingdom Hoops each week while her son is in basketball camp) and putting in the work to improve your strength and fitness.

People are quick to jump on the “easy” train and take this pill and that powder, but nothing replaces good old-fashioned hard work.

The miracle products being peddled promise to release all the fat from your fat cells (well, some products claim to do so).  BUT, even if the fatty acids were released from the grip of those adipose cells, they need to be burned.  This is where exercise comes in and cannot be replaced.

Once you “release” the fat from those cells, we need to burn it up!  Otherwise, it’s going to go for a little stroll and then end up right back where it started.

Good, intense workouts (relative to your level of fitness) is a great way to release fat from these cells.  Then we must continue to move and stay active so as to use these molecules as energy.  They’re burned in our body like fuel in an engine.

An increase in breathing rate has been associated with a greater caloric burn throughout the day.

“So, couldn’t I just breath more/faster?”

Good question…but, no.

The increase in oxygen consumption must be created by the demand for more oxygen (i.e. doing more work on the daily basis, vigorous exercise, walking more steps in the morning or evening).

It comes back to putting in the work on a regular basis.

Don’t expect results for the work you didn’t do.  I think this applies to more than just fitness and weight loss…


Quit selling yourself short.

Change is hard.  And taking responsibility for the success or failure of trying anything new is quite difficult as well.

Too many people are starting a weight-loss and improved health venture (good things) but doing so with the crutch of one of the above mentioned miracle products.

Side note: supplements can be very beneficial as a means of filling in the gaps in our nutritional profile.  They shouldn’t, however, be what you rely on for long-term health, fitness and overall well being.

Back on track here, your personal, daily habits are what make or break your success in life.  Many people start some new “program”, including the magic pill, and are encouraged to get 10,000 steps in per day (moving more), cut out pop and sugar from their diet (eating better), and setting goals/keeping a journal throughout the process (great ways to keep yourself on track and stay accountable).

Let’s remove the magic pill…and keep the good habits…and voila!  Weight-loss, more energy, improved health and fitness, all while keeping more money in your bank account.  That’s a win-win in my book.

Piggy-backing off what we’ve already discussed, simply take responsibility.  No this is not always easy, but it works.

Cut out the sugar and extra calories via pop and sweets…that works.

Move more everyday, maybe even begin a new workout program…that works.

Set some goals for yourself and keep a journal of actions and results…that works big time.

You’re very capable of dramatic life change.  You just have to find something worth changing for.  Start small.  Stay consistent.  Press forward each and every day.

Make up your mind and get better today.



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