7/20/16 Why Not? 

I think, to some degree, we all live with varying levels of fear. 

This is no different between people of varying levels of success, all except for how they chose to view that fear and respond to it. 

Facebook and other media channels make it easy to compare ourselves to what others are or aren’t doing. But we have to remember, someone’s online presence is most often their highlight reel. 

Reality TV is not reality. 

Most models dont always look that way. 

I think everyone should probably smile more often, but a smile doesn’t automatically mean happy. 

Take some time to gain a healthy perspective of people, things, events, emotions, etc. 
Strive to grow into your own awesome person. Don’t be “just like” anyone else.

Model someone’s character and habits – not their hairstyle or car they drive. 

Step out of the fear of judgement from others. 

I mean…it’s not going anywhere lol

Why not be your own person? 

Why not start that new adventure? 

Why not…

Learn that instrument? 

Pick up a new language? 

Introduce yourself to that stranger at the gym? 

Read that book you’ve been meaning to read for 3 years?

Run that Tough Mudder? =)

Usually our biggest deterrent is in between our own two ears. 
Make a move forward today. 

If it pans out, great! 

If not, so what?!

Live your life with strength and courage.


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