9/26/16 Only 1,400 To Go…

Ahhh the love/hate relationship with burpees.

If you’ve ever completed a few dozen (or few hundred) you’ll be well aware why this simple exercise is so dreaded by the masses.

September has been another Burpee Challenge month for us here at the gym, as well as many friends who have (so willingly) joined us!


Here’s the challenge: each day, add a zero to the date and perform that many burpees…so 10 on the 1st, 20 on the 2nd, and so on.

Yes, that does mean we’ll be performing 260 burpees today. And 300 this Friday.

For those wondering, it’s a total of 4,650 burpees performed over the course of 30 days.

No, it’s not normal.

And while we incorporate burpees into many of our workouts for both groups and individuals, this challenge is one to push the boundaries.  It’s created to test oneself both physically and mentally (because the first week isn’t so bad…it’s the last couple that require some fortitude).

So why perform thousands of burpees in one month?

Well first off, to prove you can.

We’re pretty amazing beings, capable of so much physically.  You don’t have to be “athletic” to get in great shape or to test yourself in fitness.  What it does require is some good ole’ sweat equity and the determination to push through and finish what you’ve started.  Could we learn a lesson here???

Challenges are also a great way to get out of your comfort zone. While you may be a regular exerciser (or not), it’s for your own betterment to step out into the unknown for a while. How many of us get comfortable in our “routine” and simply set the cruise control? Yes, routines can be very productive when applying certain principles, but we’re talking about stretching yourself to grow, to accomplish something bigger and perhaps enlarge your perspective.

Hopefully a challenge can provide some fun too.  It may be uncomfortable or painful at times, but daring to wander into the adventure of said challenge can provide a novel experience.  One to light up the imagination to what’s possible if you’ll only try. And sometimes…it doesn’t go as planned.  That’s ok.  Adjust and keep going.  Is this sounding like life yet?

Do you need to perform thousands of burpees to find yourself?  Probably not.  Although if you haven’t been physically active for a while it may not hurt.

Do challenge yourself, however.  Pick a time frame (30 days seems to work well), decide on something you can do every day (this habit is important) and get started.  It doesn’t have to escalate each day as our burpee challenge does. It could be a simple walk around the block. Or reading for 10 minutes if you haven’t been in a book lately.  Maybe you need to eat broccoli everyday for a month to realize it’s not that bad and your body could use more veggies.

It could really be anything as long as it’s promoting growth and providing a new stimulus for you. The new month is right around the corner.  Use this time to come up with your own challenge and get a plan together to stay on track.  Perhaps a few burpees wouldn’t hurt either? 🙂

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