We’re All Bestsellers

Did you know that you’re an author?

We all are actually.

Without getting too deep, we’re all always writing the story of our lives.

Kids may not realize the great number of blank pages that lay before them.  Some adults may stress that they’re running low on space.

Others may simply be hitting copy/paste day after day and not giving a second thought to it.

Today I want to encourage you to take control and use your creativity to write some great chapters in your book.

The characters may stay the same, but I bet they’d be up for some adventure.

It’s not really what we want, but just as we have some highlights that bring joy and laughter we usually have to deal with the tragedy and turmoil that comes with life.

But as long as we keep waking up each morning, the book isn’t finished!


Many people who see my posts and “shares” on social media know I enjoy reading about and studying habits.  I’m a firm believer that if we’ll adopt the right habits, no matter how small, they’ll add up to great things.

Great stories.

We work primarily in health and fitness, but we can apply the same principles in any area of life.

When looking to improve your fitness keep in mind that it’s a synergy, a story-line, that involves diet (simply our eating habits), exercise, and lifestyle.

Here would be a place to copy/paste some material into your daily writings.

Diet: choose a breakfast of protein and healthy fats and skip on carbs first thing in the morning. Eat s l o w l y and chew your food thoroughly at every meal. Pick real foods over processed products whenever you can.

Exercise: move every day. A little bit goes a long way. Include strength training as this helps build/maintain lean muscle, as well as makes room for nutrients to be stored in our muscles instead of fat. If you’re healthy enough, push the intensity a bit.

Lifestyle: drink lots of water (kind of diet too). Get more sleep. Laugh more. Spend more time with people and reading books than watching TV and on Facebook. Keep a good attitude, we’ve really got it pretty good.

Make sure to keep in mind your uniqueness and write your own bestseller.

We’ve all got what it takes to tell a remarkable story.


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