Build Your Pillars for Success

Are you prepared with the four pillars of success? We’ll get you up to speed today.

The new year is right around the corner.


And with it is a large batch of resolutions and goals being set in every area of life.

Will you be successful?

Most will not. Come Valentine’s Day many a resolution is but a distant memory.

But you’re not most people. And studying ideas and people that have had success is preparing you for your own.

It doesn’t have to be January to set that next goal, but preparing yourself with the right game plan can help increase your chance of success.

As presented by the EXOS company, there are four pillars that can promote your success in any endeavor. (original article here)


Positivity is king. Not just the wishful thinking and visualization kind of positive, but finding the good in your life and your actions instead of dwelling on the negatives and supposed failures.

I do believe it is vital to get clear on what you want and where you’re going. This mental map will guide your day to day journey and choices.

Get clear.

Stay positive.

Enjoy the journey, no matter how long.


Your body is the greatest machine you’ll ever possess. It’s the only one you have complete control over.

Fueling your body – and your mind – for success is vital to keep your energy up and your health intact.

Here’s another area where being mindful goes a long way. Ask yourself before each meal, “Are these foods going to promote my goals, or detract from them?”

Slow down.

Make your own meals the majority of the time.

Enjoy what you eat/don’t scarf it down in a mad rush.

Eat more real food and less stuff from packages.

Good fuel equals good performance.


While I can encourage you to hit the gym on a consistent basis, regular physical activity isn’t limited to the confines of your nearest fitness facility.

Make the dedicated commitment to move about your house, the office, parking lot, etc.

Morning, noon and night.

Time is not an issue when all it takes is 2-3 minutes to walk some stairs, hit a set of burpees, or stretch your hips that are tight from sitting so much.

Shoot, those 3 minutes could be repeated throughout the day and all of a sudden you’ve accumulated 15-30 minutes of activity with little break in daily life.




Don’t neglect the little things that you can do each and every day to provide your body with the regular maintenance it needs.


We’re all busy. Get over that excuse already.

Life is full and stressful. Good stress, bad stress, work stress, family stress.

Stress happens to us all.

It’s how we deal with it that can make a marked impact on your well-being and performance.

Eating good foods help.

Regular exercise helps.

Sleeping longer usually helps.

Unplug a bit more – removing a bit of entertainment and social media time will do wonders.

Cut back on the caffeine and alcohol. You don’t NEED them as you claim to…

Food doesn’t solve problems, only masks the hurt and leaves you feeling guilty (and perhaps a bit bloated) afterwards.

Enjoy the little things and the small moments.

Appreciate the opportunities and people that surround you every day.

De-clutter in any area of your life where stuff (physical or otherwise) seems to pile up.

Take care of yourself to better take care of others.

I’ll take care of me for you, if you’ll take care of you for me. -Jim Rohn

Get your game plan in order before the new year hits. Jot down some ideas for each of the four pillars that you could implement, and then decide on ONE to do in the next 24 hours.

Make it a great day.

Make it a great year.

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