Caught in the Act

We were caught in the act this morning…


Don’t get your feathers in a bunch.

We were “caught” getting donuts.

Yup, you heard me right.




You see, if you’re from the Jefferson area, you’re well aware of Bunker’s Dunkers Bakery. Their donuts are the stuff of legend.

Been enjoying those fritters my entire life.

Randy and Phyllis, the owners, are retiring.

Have no fear though! The shop isn’t closing their doors, merely changing ownership. The donuts the masses have come to love will be there next week too.

We wanted to stop in, however, and “pay our respects.

A couple apple fritters and a couple classic glazed.

Tell me there’s a better glazed donut anywhere else and I’ll show you a liar.


Yeah. That good.


Anyway…we’re walking out of the quaint downtown bakery, with recognizable white paper bags in hand, and we’re immediately stopped by another local yelling out her car window.

“Ah hah! I caught you!” she exclaimed.

We stopped for a quick pleasantry and “explained” ourselves.

Hi. My name is Simeon. I’m a trainer and fitness coach. And I eat donuts.

It is a rarity, but we do indulge from time to time.

Ask Randy himself. We weren’t great contributors to his retirement fund.


No hard feelings hopefully.


I’ll admit the deliciousness of his baked goods. They just don’t fit into the lifestyle that we lead.


But make no mistake: I’ll be making a scene next time I catch someone randomly doing a burpee in public =)

Live. Love. Lift.


P.S. All the best to a great, local couple.

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