Life is Really Good. And Deadlifts Make It Better. (Lifting and Life)

If you’re reading this – life is pretty darn good.

Heather and I recently had a discussion about perspective. (Side note – I think we could all benefit from a pretty regular assessment of our perspective and the truly meaningful things in life – not like world peace kind of meaningful, but what makes you happy, like lifting weights and puppies kind of thing)

I say life is pretty darn good, because you have access to the internet. On a tiny little super computer. In you pocket.

Holy flippin cow!

robin and batman
Holy Technology Batman!!

This massive collection of information and connection is quite literally in the palm of our hand.

Now, life was pretty good before the internet existed. Or cell phones and tablets, free wi-fi, unlimited data etc.


However, reading a simple blog post recently reminded me that so, so much of our lives is great.

Every. Single. Day.

The electricity is most likely on in your home or place of work.

If your place of work…you have a job.

Reading this right now means you have access to the internet and are taking in information as we speak (so to speak???).

The good majority of us have had a warm meal this week and haven’t gone more than 12 hours without food for as long as we can remember.

We’ve got clothes on our back, a bed to sleep in at night, and the freedom to do just about anything worthwhile that we put our minds to.

Pretty. Darn. Good.

So what’s this all got to do with improving your health and fitness?

Once again – Perspective.

When we realize how good we’ve got it, we can do a couple things.

One: give thanks for all the good in our life and appreciate the people and circumstances that make it possible.

Two: quit stressing so much about the little things that go “wrong” each day and keep moving forward with our goals and lives.

Most of us could get by with a job, some exercise each day, 2-3 meals, and people to share those things with.

Am I right?

In an age where it’s possible to be entertained (I use that term loosely) every second of the day…choose not to be.

Choose to keep things simple and watch your happiness improve.

Quit fretting over some Facebook comment or Instagram picture that really has nothing to do with you anyway.

Ask some better questions.

Use technology to find some answers, but then put them in action.

Live your life instead of watching other people live theirs.

Love your life because of all the good that already exists in it.

And deadlift. You should definitely deadlift. Whether it be with a kettlebell, trap bar, straight bar etc.

That’s just fun and will help you be a more awesome human being 🙂

Go live your life.

Go give thanks.

Go be bored for a while.

Go help someone else out.

Go read a book (you know, like printed on paper, and you don’t have to find a plug-in to charge it).

Go workout.

Go laugh and make stupid jokes.

Life is really that good.

Live. Love. Lift.


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