Weekly Check-in 1/13/18

Hey gang. (*author waves at audience)

Hope your January is going splendidly, you’re rich as all get out, super lean, deadlifting 600 lbs, and got that purple unicorn you were asking for at Christmas.

And I also hope your reality is pretty darn good too.

new year fresh start
(first result under image search “new years goals”)

I know everyone is still pretty hyped up on New Year’s resolutions – should we set resolutions or shouldn’t we, should we embrace the “new year, new you” attitude or try to give everyone a bitter pill of wishful thinking – regardless, TODAY is up to you. I don’t care if it’s January or not, we’d be better off putting our energy and struggle into TODAY.

When we begin to take care of TODAY, our tomorrow’s tend to get a little better.

When we move and stay active TODAY, we maintain our ability to do so tomorrow (don’t bother me with the hilarious memes about leg day…you know what I mean).

When we express love and gratitude TODAY, we often find more to love and be grateful for tomorrow.

When we control our thoughts and attitudes and emotions TODAY…it probably means you stayed off of Facebook LOL

I digress…

What were some of your highlights this week???

For real, let us know on the interwebs and allow us to share and celebrate each other’s victories! 

Give yourself a big cyber high-five from me! Even the little things – they all add up to the “big picture.”


We had someone share a simple seasoning they use to bake some veggies and make them taste pretty darn good.

I bet we could all benefit from increasing our intake of veggies.

Get yourself some. Drizzle some olive oil. Season. Bake for like 15-20 minutes. I don’t know exactly. Try it, figure it out. Learn something about your kitchen. It’s not that scary.


Friday brought with it a killer of a workout, courtesy of Ben Bergeron and team at CompTrain.

For realz though, not sure what hurt more – my legs, shoulders, or lungs.

Give it a shot:

Complete for time –


Calories on Bike

Barbell Thruster (I used 95#. Use whatever your gut tells you to.)

THEN proceed with


Calories on Rower

Power Cleans (I used the same 95# bar)

THEN one more time with


Burpees over bar

Overhead Squatz (95# once again)

What that means is…21 calorie bike, 21 thrusters, 15 calorie bike, 15 thrusters, 9 calories bike, 9 thrusters, 15 calorie row, 15 power cleans, 12 calorie row, 12 power cleans, 9 calorie row, 9 power cleans, 12 burpees over bar, 12 overhead squatz, 9 burpees over bar, 9 overhead squatz, 6 burpees over bar, 6 overhead squatz.

Giddy up.

giddy up Kramer
Also first search result (“giddy up”). This makes me happy 🙂


I recommend you read in your free time.

“Free time?” You may be asking. “What is that?”

It’s the thing you have when you stop watching so much dang TV, stop perusing Facebook on your phone incessantly, stop checking email every time you hear a ‘ding’, and start focusing your attention a bit more on “your world” rather then “the world.”

That’s as far as I’ll dive into that today. We could go down the rabbit hole there…

If you don’t know what to read and need something to motivate you (because, you know, it’s January), read this book.

Seriously. Click the link. Buy it. And when it comes in the mail next week (remember Monday is a Holiday) read it.

And laugh.

And maybe do some push-ups and pull-ups and run a little bit.

And think about what’s really a priority in your life and get after those things because that’s what really matters.

Happy Saturday gang.

Live. Love. Lift.



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