What’s Happening?! (Food, Fur, and Fitness)

Hey gang, hope your spring is off to a great start.

Hopefully you’ve smashed some goals already during the first quarter of the year (yes, we’re over 25% done with 2018!).

This is more of what’s going on in our world, but if we can help you along your journey – please let us know!

We finished Whole 30 during the month of March. This was pretty much the feeling at our completion 😂 lol

We didn’t buy the frosting, don’t worry.

In actuality, while it was a mental challenge, we feel incredible after such a reset of eating nothing but real food!

Heather and Boomer working together in the kitchen. We often use Sunday as a prep day – or whenever we get home from the grocery store.

It’s easier to prep before putting your food away. One less step makes a big difference!

Plan ahead and your week will be much easier.

Happy Easter! (Don’t we clean up we’ll?)

This is Charles.

His brother Kobe was just dropped off at the vet…

All went well for the little guy (anxiously waiting for his brothers to get back inside).

What a refreshing scene!

This week has given us a taste of spring, no matter how brief it may be.

We love getting fresh air during classes at Game Changing Performance!

Brynley breaths, eats, and sleeps basketball.

This is a group of young hoop stars from Play 4 Him Academy.

Spring season starts Saturday … HERE WE GO!!!


Stay strong everyone.

Keep perspective of your blessings everyday.

Life is a wonderful journey. Live it fully.

Live. Love. Lift.


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