Can Boring Really Be Better?

The most successful people are probably the most boring

Yes, you read that correctly.

Perhaps on the surface, we see successful people as living extravagant lives.

The era of social media has created a highlight reel for all to see.

And some of these highlights, I’ll admit, are incredibly impressive. Even a bit enviable.

But what if we looked beneath the surface?

What if we dug deeper into the lives beyond the cameras and phones and computers?

I would wager a good deal that the most “successful” people are simply the most consistent.

And consistency is pretty boring in a world filled with endless entertainment and distraction.



Healthy and fit individuals eat predominantly healthy food, most of the time.

I probably eat a variation of the same breakfast, lunch and snack 9 out of 10 days.

Boring. Effective.

Not so worthy of an Instagram post.

Healthy and fit people don’t eat a ton of meals out. And when they do, protein and veggies are a mainstay on their plate.

Again, not very glamorous.

Junk food happens, but it’s not in the house so it’s not a constant temptation.

Steps are taken deliberately to think about food less. Life is about much more than what’s for lunch.

meal prep


Healthy and fit people workout, in some form or fashion, pretty much every day.

Now, the workouts may change regularly, but the habit of working out doesn’t.

Some days will be hard and intense. Other days will be easier and more methodical.

Ebb and flow.

Some longer. Some shorter.

Always consistent.

It just gets done.

You won’t see ads for this kind of lifestyle. Marketing would have you believe that all your dreams can come true in 30-90 days…for the low, low price of —


Health and fitness and success in general are supported by going to bed early.

Pretty boring.

Pretty effective, yet again.

The successful most likely invest time in other areas of life, like reading books on personal development, conversations with mentors, and listening to podcasts or audio books.

This isn’t every waking hour, but when the average person is watching 4 hours of TV per day…the more successful individual is watching 1 or 2 (if they still watch much TV at all).

Your smart phone has really cool features that can tell you how much time you’re on your phone, and on what specific apps.

EYE OPENING to say the least.

Check this out sometime if you have even a thought that you may be on your phone too much through the day.

I bet we could find you that time you “don’t have to exercise.”

sleep benefits

None of this is rocket science.

And none of this is shiny or new.

Its old common sense, and understanding that how we use our 24 hours in a day will produce results one way or another.

For good or bad.

It’s your choice.

Follow the boring road a little more today, and tomorrow as well.

You’ll be more productive, more fit, and I’d even bet a little more confident in yourself.

Go enjoy the highlight reel moments on occasion. Just remember that those likes and comments on social media won’t produce the results you’re looking for in life.

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