Let’s Talk Time (on efficiency and priorities)

Where can you maximize your efforts to get the most return on your time and energy invested???

Exercise: circuit training, metcons, super sets, etc. etc.

  • Developing strength, muscle, and cardio all during the same session
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook while walking
  • Workout and PLAY with your kids/family – t.i.m.e. is the best way to spell love

Time is precious. If you’d like to get the most out of it, you first must learn to value it.

And as you begin to value your time more and more, you’ll safeguard it from anything (or anyone) who is looking to solicit it and waste it.

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You’re given 168 hours every week.

Sleeping 7 hours per night is 49 hours, leaving 119. (are you getting 7 hours of sleep per night?)

Working 45 hours per week leaves you 74.

Showering and getting ready in the morning or before bed, let’s say 90 minutes daily, is 10.5 hours weekly, leaving you 63.5 hours.

Three hours of daily TV and social media time (if you dare track your time on these) is 21 hours, leaving you 42.5 hours. (Check your phone settings sometime to see how many hours you’re actually on it…)

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Let’s say you’re in the car an hour per day…7 more hours, with 35.5 remaining.

Eating, generously giving you 30 minutes 3 times per day, is another 10.5 hours, bringing our available time down to 25 hours.

Let’s go out on a limb and say you’re giving yourself one hour daily to exercise…7 hours there, and 18 hours remaining in your week.

That’s a pretty full life that includes work, exercise, eating, adequate sleep (for most), getting ready time, drive time, and TV watching.

Yes, some of these may overlap.

And yes, I realize you’ll probably want to plan some social activities – especially for the extroverts among you.


What are you doing with your 18 extra hours?

Or – where are you throwing away time and then using it as an excuse in other areas?

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Decide what’s really important to you, and define the actions that will support a healthy, happy you.

And then the hard part – cutting through all the noise that the world will try to throw at you and preventing it from stealing your precious time.

Yes, it’s easier said than done.

But start today.

Practice, and get better over time.

No one makes the decision on Monday and has life mastered by Tuesday. (probably more like…give yourself a year or three, and never stop growing)

However, if you never strive to get better… You won’t.

Training, Coaching, Cute Kids, Puppies…this one has it all! =)

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