Pay the Price Now

I’ve learned – probably the “hard” way much more than I should have – that to have an easier life, you must do the hard stuff today.

Taking the “easy path” today will only lead to a more difficult tomorrow (or next week, month, etc… just know it’ll catch up to you).

Another way to think of it, is that success of any kind requires you to pay a cost.

That “cost” can be paid up front (do the work now) or later on down the road (there’s always consequences to your actions/inactions).

In our health and fitness pursuit – we discipline ourselves to workout consistently and eat healthy most of the time.

***I won’t lie. I love Reese’s PB cups. And the holiday trees are even better. I won’t say no…

This cost we “pay” currently keeps us healthy and physically capable – hopefully for as long as we keep it up.

What if we don’t workout regularly and eat healthy?

You put on unwanted weight.

Your health declines, often leading to more medication use/cost and doctors visits.

You have to buy new clothes because your old ones don’t fit, not because you simply want to.

This is just one area of life in which we must decide when and how we pay the cost.

But always remember – it MUST be paid.

And note: you may not desire to be overweight, inactive and have poor health…but choosing not to take care of your health and fitness in the present is by default forcing you to pay the costs down the road.

Your habits will catch up to you, whether good or bad.

Think about something you can do today (or this week at the latest) that will be difficult in the moment, and do it anyway with the knowledge that it will pay off later on.

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