The Long and Short Of It (Working Out)

Maybe you’re like me…and most of the modern world.

Somewhere along the line, we got this idea that to get a good workout in you have to commit to an hour of work and sweat.

And in many cases when it comes to your health and fitness – it depends.

There’s certainly a time and place for a good hour-long workout.

Perhaps even more when you include a good warm-up and proper cool down.

***Side note: are we all stretching after our workouts??? I feel like this is perhaps the most overlooked, yet underrated part of keeping our physical well-being in tact. Especially as we age and add “miles” to our frame, warming up properly and spending time on flexibility and mobility will just make you feel better, not to mention perform better – whatever that means to you.

The point I’d like you to take home, is that you don’t have to commit an arbitrary amount of time each day to “effectively” improve your fitness.

Matthew McConaughey was once interviewed about his fitness routine.

“I try to break a sweat every day.”

Alright, alright, alright (source:

That’s golden.

And don’t let the simplicity fool you.

That could be five minutes of burpees in the midst of a jam-packed day.

It could be a two-hour hike with your family on the weekend.

Or a 45 minutes circuit training class before you get ready for work.

The habit of moving everyday in an effort to keep your fitness working is what we’re after.

Your goals may require you to be more or less disciplined.

Competitive athletes (strength or endurance) may require 90-120 minutes of focused, programmed work 5-6 days per week.

If that’s your jam – more power to you!

But if you’re not looking to compete, and just want to feel good about yourself – and fit into your clothes comfortably – embrace any kind of movement and exercise each day.

When you can make it a routine, do it.

Don’t overlook those small opportunities, like parking a little farther away and enjoying those extra steps into the store.

Don’t sleep on workout “snacks,” as I like to call them.

Little 10-15 minute bouts of strength, or walking, or bodyweight training and flexibility mixed together.

Get the blood flowing.

Break a sweat.

Work on your strength.

Get your heart rate up.

Stretch and foam roll.

Walk as much as you can.

These are the only “snacks” I’ll tell you to never limit yourself from 🙂

Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. And your body doesn’t discriminate again workouts because they aren’t “long enough.”

Give yourself at least 5 minutes each day to move with purpose and be mindful of your fitness.

When life allows – stretch that time out.

But enjoy every little bit of physical activity and the opportunity it gives you to get and stay healthy.

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