You Actually Have Too MUCH Time

I like to keep things simple.

This blog, for instance, is something I enjoy doing but don’t want to spend endless hours on (or even minutes, sometimes).

Efficiency can be something to strive for.

To use for yourself as a tool.

Throughout your days and weeks, think about how you can be efficient in producing a desired result.

And set some time limits for yourself.

Parkinson’s Law states “that work expands to fill the time allotted. Put simply, the amount of work required adjusts (usually increasing) to the time available for its completion.”

Have all semester to get that paper written??

It’ll probably get done the final week, if not night.

What was stopping you from doing it the first two weeks of the term?

The feeling that you have plenty of time.

Jim Rohn says we always get the most done the day before we go on vacation.

There’s priority and a hard deadline.

How could you apply that concept into other areas of life even when you’re not going on vacation?

I’ve set a limit on writing this to less than half an hour.

Start to finish along with editing and publishing.

I could spend longer going into details or off on tangents.

Or even adding cute pictures of puppies.

(side note: if you don’t like cute puppies, are you even human?)

But I believe you get the point.

You’re bright and understand the concept.

Be mindful of what time limits you put on your work, and other tasks in your day-to-day life.

You may be surprised at how efficient and productive you can be with the right focus.

Let’s have a day kiddos. =)

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