It’s In The Doing

“Yes, God feeds the birds – but He doesn’t throw the worms into their nest.”

Dream. Hope. Plan. Prepare.


Without the effort – without taking the actual, literal step forward – all the dreaming, hoping, planning and preparing are ultimately worthless.

It’s what we do that matters.

It’s what we do that earns us a living.

It’s what we do that brings fulfillment.

How many elderly people have you seen retire – and in very short order their health declines.

How many otherwise “healthy” adults complain about life in one way or another – yet spend considerable time each day perusing social media, only to add more ammunition to their already overflowing arsenal of things to complain about?

Get out and move, literally and figuratively.

Move your body in any way shape or form. Get the blood flowing and USE the body you’ve been given. They say the Dead Sea is dead because there’s no movement. Don’t let that be you.

Move your mind (and attention) from negative or numbing entertainment, and choose to consume positive material in any form. Read a book, listen to a podcast, learn a new skill, have a real conversation that doesn’t involve the weather.

Keep dreaming, hoping, planning and preparing.

However, let those efforts lead into action.

Everyone started somewhere. You certainly can too.


Something to Watch/Learn – James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) on building a habit

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