One Day At A Time (2022 LFGO)

We’re approaching the end of 2021.

Another crazy year. Probably not the same shock factor that 2020 hit us with, but still an interesting/crazy/stressful year none-the-less.

One thing I’d like to encourage you to keep in mind as we approach and enter the new year, is everything only happens one day at a time.

Some days are harder; some are a little easier.

Some days are super busy; some are a little slower.

Some days are stressful; some days are full of joy.

Some days are completely chaotic; some days go according to plan.

Here’s the thing… life happens one day at a time for every single person on the planet.

As we attack new goals and forge better habits, all we can do is invest ourselves in “today.” Do the workout today. Eat the healthy foods today. Breathe, stretch, relax a little bit today. Think about and make a plan for tomorrow, but then come back to the here and now.

We often get overwhelmed because we look too far in the future and the seemingly endless things we need to do or get done.

Brian Grasso puts it well, “Overwhelm leads us to overthink. Overthinking leads us to procrastinate. Procrastinating leads us to doing nothing.”

Overwhelm leads us to overthink. Overthinking leads us to procrastinate. Procrastination leads us to doing nothing.

Brian Grasso

So…how do we respond to these things?

Break bigger goals and tasks down into smaller, more bite-size chunks.

Setting goals and dreaming big is awesome. DO NOT STOP DOING THESE THINGS.

When you set a big goal, however, come back and start to break it down into the steps that need to be taken to get there. At the very least, what’s the first step needed to get moving in the right direction?

Break down a goal into as many small tasks and actions as needed. You may turn one big goal into 40 small steps – but don’t let the “quantity” of steps scare you. See them as very manageable steps that you know you can take!


Start with the first task.

If you start to get that feeling of overwhelm at any time, slow down and look at your current list of tasks, and break them down again into even smaller tasks until you’re confident you can knock out the next one.

Plan and write out your action steps, and repeat the process whenever necessary to remove the mental obstacles and shift from a mindset of overwhelm and disbelief to one of confidence and action.

No matter how big or small the goal is, all we have is today.

Set yourself up for success by taking smaller steps. The resistance to our progress in life is often trying to take too big of steps and only getting frustrated and discouraged.

Positive actions.

Positive habits.

Repeat daily.

You got this.

We got this.

Let’s go.

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  1. I’ve always believed in breaking large tasks into smaller chunks, because it’s those small chunks that will lead to your big achievements. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

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