Thoughts On Thoughts

It’s been a minute gang.

Let’s get back on track this summer and fall.

Maybe you’d agree, but I believe we’re more apt to give credit to others for their hard work or taking action before giving ourselves credit.

Call it what you will, but the biggest battles we’ll face in life occur within our own mind.

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Some studies say we have up to 75,000 thoughts every day.

Have you ever stopped to *think* about all that you think about?

When was the last time you analyzed your thoughts instead of just “allowing” them to continue without restraint?

We all have good and bad thoughts. Positive and negative. Uplifting and judgemental.

Is it possible to control more of those 75,000 thoughts? To direct them in a way you desire?

I believe we can, as the very least, shift the trajectory of our thoughts by all the outside stimuli we choose to allow each day.

This is where I get into motivation mode – what you read, watch, listen to – it all matters.

The conversations you have and who you’re hanging around with matter.

Maybe it’s miniscule day by day…but start to (think) about where the direction of your life (ultimately directed by your thoughts and following actions) will land you in 10 or 20 years if allowed to continue just as they are today.

If you’re good with the outcome…great!

If you want more for your life – regardless of the area – start to THINK about what you’re thinking about.

Visualize yourself and the identity you want to have. The person you want to be.

Get clear about your relationships, family, work, hobbies, giving back, etc.

Paint that picture in your head, and don’t let go of it.

Slowly but surely, your positive thoughts will become second nature.

Your actions will begin to align with that picture you’ve painted of yourself.

See it. Think it. Feel it. Act on it.

And don’t forget to exercise. =)

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