sup·ple·ment  noun

1.  something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole.

The DIET part of “Diet and Exercise” may be the most important part of our performance and fitness goals.  Without optimal fuel, we can’t expect our bodies to run optimally.  Many people admit they need to eat better, and may even claim to know what they should be consuming, but achievement follows action – not intention.

“Knowledge isn’t power; applied knowledge is power.”

When discussing nutrition and our health, our first priority must be choosing quality foods.  Finding a balance of lean proteins, un-refined and un-processed grains, and healthy fats will provide us the fuel to run at our best day in and day out.

But…if you’re like me (and everyone else for that matter), your diet is lacking in one area or another.  Perhaps you don’t consume multiple servings of vegetables and fruits each day (guilty).  Perhaps your tastes or lifestyle don’t include abundant sources of quality protein.  Perhaps you’ve been scared away from fats – even though some are very good for optimal health!

Just as the definition states above, nutritional supplements aren’t created to replace our daily food intake and habits.  They’re meant to fill in the gaps.  Food should come first, but supplements can meet our nutritional needs when food isn’t meeting our demands.

I’ve tried many supplements over the years, and am proud to have found and partnered with Prograde Nutrition.  Where my diet may fall short, Prograde products have been an easy way to meet my nutritional needs.  The highest quality products, tremendous service, and resources galore; browse the site and discover how Prograde may help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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