Lower W.O.W. 5/14/14

Let’s get those wheels tuned up with this mix of athletic, muscle-building moves that’ll get the heart rate pumping as well. Strength AND conditioning. This lower body workout starts off with jumping rope to get the blood flowing and the nervous system cranked up a bit.  These are then superset with Cossack squats to address … More Lower W.O.W. 5/14/14

W.O.W. part 2 5/6/14

Following up on yesterday’s Workout of the Week, today we’re bringing you a lower body workout. Efficiency is the name of the game, and in only 4 moves we’ll cover pretty much every muscle in the lower body and core, while improving strength and endurance. A1) Stability Ball (SB) Leg Curl x10-15 A2) Deficit Lunge … More W.O.W. part 2 5/6/14